Part 2 of 6 in a series of articles chronicling medical illustration from antiquity.

“Dispel from your mind the thought that an understanding of the human body in every aspect of its structure can be given in words” –Leonardo da Vinci

            At a time Michelangelo made history with his hammer and chisel, medical students shuffled into lectures. One student in particular was Jacopo Berengario da Carpi (1460-1530CE). In a recent publication co-authored by myself, the claim that astrology played a major role in medicine was promoted. This article serves to […]

“Winter is coming.” Game of Thrones, a popular HBO program, incorporates this phrase into both its advertising and script with regularity. Insinuating impending danger, the audience [those unwilling to read the novels of George R. R. Martin] remains in suspense to the peril of winter in Westeros. Winter conjures thoughts of cold, desolate times in […]