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Vesalius at 500

This December signifies a milestone in the life of a man familiar to every physician, Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564 CE). Born in current day Brussels, Vesalius educated himself throughout Europe under the auspicious theories set forth by Galen. Only by chance through war between France and Germany did Vesalius settle in Italy around 1537 CE. In […]

Bartolomeo Eustachi: Anatomical Cartographer

The Renaissance ushered in a new movement in medicine. One field to emerge from the Middle Ages with support from monastic healers was surgery. Surgeons, not associated with the Church, began to practice medicine under the guidance of GALEN’s anatomy and physiology. ANDREAS VESALIUS would challenge the ideas set forth by GALEN in the mid-1500’s, […]

Leonardo and his sketches

The 2012 Summer Olympics are set to begin this July in London, England. These games embody raw, human performance set upon the world alter. Properly, The Queens Gallery at Buckingham Palace is presenting their own homage to human endurance per Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical studies.