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photoI am Michael Chorney; I study medicine at the Rutgers University New Jersey Medical School in Newark, NJ. Medicine shares a close relationship with art, and The Physician’s Palette means to bring to light this connection.

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  1. A doctor who is an art minor? That’s interesting and unusual.

    Thanks for stopping by my Clyfford Still post.

  2. Hi ‘the physician’spalette’…I think we are from very similar schools of thought and am looking forward to seeing more of your blog. Thanks for viewing my work and liking my recent Green installment! Take a look at the Red blog for Jan 30..I think you may like it!

  3. I read your site with ebullience. I am an approaching graduate student in Chemistry check out my blog sometime http://www.academicorchid.com. I tend to relate life situations to chemical or physical sciences. Enjoy !

  4. Thanks for following my blog. My Dad was an opthalmologist. It always seemed to me that we were in two different branches of the same pursuit – vision. Good luck with your medical studies. I would be thrilled to have a doctor who was also an artist.

  5. I have a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology. We are blessed to be able to relate to different forms of art.

  6. This is certainly an interesting marriage of subjects. I happily anticipate learning more about the workings of the human body through the medium of art 🙂

  7. thanks for following my blog. I wish my undergraduate degree would have been in a far more interesting and fun subject than chemistry. I look forward to reading about your journey.

  8. I love the mixture of art and medicine, absolute genius! I am so glad I checked out your blog!

  9. Very nice work Michael! We re-posted on IllustratorsJournal.com, attributed and linked back to you.

  10. […] This article was originally published on ‘The Physician’s Palette‘ by Michael […]

  11. Great subject for a blog! Very interesting!
    Thank you for your comments on my blog, I too think it is cool to see all the instruments physicians used in the past. 🙂

  12. Michael, I’ve read through most of your blog over the past 3 days. I absolutely love it, both conceptually and educationally. I trained as a classical pianist (Conservatoire de Genève) and graduated from the School of Interpreters of The University of Geneva. This was in the 1970’s. What did I end up doing? Becoming a director of information systems! Now in early retirement, I spend most of my time in galleries, museums and auction houses in the Big Apple. It’s absolutely terrific to see others whose brains are lit up on all sides. I look forward to following your blog. I believe you are following mine.

    Elliott (elliottingotham.wordpress.com)

  13. Thank you for commenting on my post. I really enjoyed looking at your site. I will stop by again!

  14. veganconvert · · Reply

    Thanks for liking my ” a day in the life of a taxonomist” post, I have been looking at some of your posts and they are very interesting! I too enjoy art whilst studying for a science degree! Will keep an eye on this blog! Check back at my blog next week when I’ll have some more cool photos and info on new crustaceans 😀

  15. Michael, I seem to recall you once posted a drawing by Albrecht Duerer which showed him pointing to his spleen in order to show his doctor where he was experiencing pain. I thought you might enjoy this recent article from Der Spiegel exploring other aspects of Duerer’s work, life and sexuality.


    Best wishes. Elliott (elliottingotham.wordpress.com)

  16. logoclonia · · Reply

    Like like like your blog!
    Nice to meet about a Medic with a hobby that will help enrich our future understanding of medicine and its rich history!

  17. This lightned my perspective…I am a medical student too from Romania, at the one of the most prestigious medical schools of the country, right in the heart of Transylvania…But I am an artist, I breath this word through art and studying medicine paradoxically made me realize that…I also graduated from an art high school, have been drawing since I was two, I gradually got deep in the universe of art history throughout the years. Thank you for creating this…Brought me a wind of enthousiasm.

  18. This seems like a pretty fantastic combination of subjects! We had a brief “medical humanities” curriculum in our first year that involved going to an art museum and talking about our observations of paintings–really fun, and made me nostalgic for my art history classes. And thanks for following my blog.

  19. Ah…a fellow medicine person! Nice site you have here…and I completely agree that art and medicine are essential companions.

    Take care! 🙂


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